Jason Kim

The following is a list of my personal projects and group projects where I have contributed significantly. Their source code can be viewed here in my GitHub account. Clicking on the title of each project links to its repository. Some of my supplementary documents linked from my resume also live here.

Personal Projects

JasonDrive (Python/Flask, React, Bash)

Full stack web development Network file server Client-side dynamic pages

This is what happens when Jason gets bored over winter break, on the last couple days of 2019. This is a very bungled version of Google Drive without the fancy backend magic such as distributed servers and filesystems, but still full stack. You can download and upload files, create and browse directories, and delete files on the server's local storage all from the comfort of your web browser. I handled the backend with SQLite and Python/Flask for the database and API, plus the front end with React (which displays all the files and buttons).

ZeroSteg (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Steganography Interactive website Unicode and zero-width characters

A web-based steganography program to encode and decode a text message within another text message. ZeroSteg takes advantage of the zero-width joiner and non-joiner characters in Unicode. The link on the title goes directly to the ZeroSteg website. If you wish to see the project repository for ZeroSteg including its source code, click here.

Rosalind (Python)

Bioinformatics Computational Biology Data structures Algorithms Problem solving techniques Recurrence relations Graph theory Dynamic programming Combinatorics and probability Sequences and series

Rosalind (Link to homepage) is a platform for bioinformatics programming questions and algorithms. It is a "joint project between the University of California at San Diego, Saint Petersburg Academic University, and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Rosalind is partly funded by a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor Award and a Russian Megagrant Award received by Pavel Pevzner." My repository contains my own solutions to Rosalind's problems, implemented in Python and listed by problem ID. As of August 7, 2019, I rank within the top 1% of users by number of problems solved correctly.

BitmapParser (C++)

Library File I/O Image processing Data structures Error handling Object oriented programming

A short library for bitmap image reading and writing. Contains basic image editing functions (reflection, transposition, rotation, crop, superimpose, color filters). Useful for extracting pixels and their RGB values as vectors of structs of plain old data.

EasyLSB (C++)

Steganography Least significant bit Bit manipulation Error handling Inheritance Custom iterator

A program for encoding and decoding text messages inside bitmap images using least significant bit steganography. Results in little to no visible difference in the image. Includes my BitmapParser library.

jasonkimprojects.github.io (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap)

This website. Contains links to my GitHub and LinkedIn profile and resume. Overview of my academic and personal work.

Evo(lved) (Android)

Custom firmware Scripting Linux Optimization

ROM for my first smartphone, the HTC Evo 4G+. Android 2.3 Gingerbread based on stock firmware.

Group Projects

2048 (Java, Swing)

Games Matrix operations GUI programming Listeners

First part of AP Computer Science final project during high school. Replica of the original game built from scratch. Exercise for graphics with the Swing widget toolkit and listening to keyboard inputs.

Pong (Java, Swing)

Games GUI programming Listeners

Second part of AP Computer Science final project during high school. Replica of the original game, also built from scratch. Another exercise for making graphical games and handling keyboard input.

Blackjack (Java)

Object oriented programming Testing Data structures Exception handling

Yet another AP Computer Science project, and the first game I made from scratch. Played on the command line, and supports multiple human players as well as naive computer players.